Information on Careers in music

MENC: Careers in Music
Careers in Music Brochure

Vacancy listings for faculty and ensemble postions

American Federation of Musicians
Aside from the advantages of unionizing, membership in the union brings industry news, postings for vacancies (largely performance), and a wealth of other resources.  The web site will identify a local in your area.

League of American Orchestras
You must be a professional member in order to view job postings.  The site contains several other useful links including one for SYMPHONY Magazine.

Chronicle of Higher Education
As the name implies, this publication is directed towards college faculty.  It contains avacancy list.  This is not specifically a music resource.

College Music Society
This site provides a music vacancy list focusing primarily on academic positions.  The society also publishes the Directory of Music Faculties and Sourcebooks in American Music, both available on the web or in an academic music library.

There is so much information on this page that it is difficult to explore it fully.  It includes information on upcoming events, vacancies, and has PDF versions of the IDRS publications.

Indiana University School of Music: Music Placement
The site of the IU placement office provides postings that may interest college graduates. The Jacobs School of music appears to be changing the structure of this site as of June 2011.

Musical Chairs.info
Advertises orchestral vacancies from over 450 orchestras in addition to information on other topics such as competitions and summer festivals.

Information for aspiring soloists

Concert Artists Guild
More resources are available to subscribers.  This site is directed primarily to musicians pursuing a solo career.

Musical Online Classical Music Directory
Contains academic resources as well as a performing arts directory.

Finding a job in education

Music Education Online
National listings for colleges and universities.

MENC Career Center Job List

See also the department of education or related link for your state: