Historical Performance

Here are some sources to connect you with the early music field, specifically those concerning the double reeds.

Early Music Network:  An International Early Music Society
This site contains links to early music organizations, schools, festivals, artist agents and representation, labels, distributors, journals, magazines, shops, and music publishers.

Classical Net
The early music portion of this site contains over 100 links to associations, festivals, and general sites.

Early Music Chicago
Here is information, not only on early music in Chicago, but on composers, instruments, recordings and more.

Early Music FAQ
This site seems to focus more on medieval music, but it has a lot of information including notes on certain composers.


These groups typically have a links section on their sites that may connect you with the information that you need. This is not an exhaustive list. Many areas have their own early music society.

Early Music America
Early Music Guild of Seattle
Early Music Society of the Islands
Early Music Vancouver
Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh
San Diego Early Music Society
San Francisco Early Music Society
Southern California Early Music Society


Tapia’s Gold
Tapia’s Gold is an early music ensemble.  The historical information on this site is somewhat more substantial than on many other independent sites.  Many links are incorporated into the content.

Early Music in Schools
Contains pictures and sound clips of early musical instruments.

The Baroque Music Home Page
With biographical information and some instrument descriptions, this site will help get a Baroque enthusiast started in listening to Baroque music.


A Bibliography of Writings about the Oboe and Bassoon, 17th-19th Centuries
This site, provided by the Indiana University William and Gayle Cook Music Library, is extensive and includes foreign language sources.


Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
A supplier of quality historical instruments, sheet music, and historical information onhistorical woodwind instruments.

The Early Music Shop
Offers a range of woodwind instruments from several manufacturers.

Leslie Ross Instruments and Music
Historical bassoons from all eras and reed tools for making historically accurate reeds are found here. There is also some information on how to make the reeds for these instruments.

Magnamusic Distributors Inc.
This company sells historical instruments, recorders and sheet music. The music catalog is arranged by publisher.

Marc Ecochard
Historical oboes and flutes modeled after many different makers

Peter de Koningh Bassoons
His site contains a list of recordings made on his instruments.

Robert H. Cronin
His focus is on historical double reeds.

Sand Dalton Baroque & Classical Oboes
This site has instruments and accessories available, plus a page on instrument care.


The Baroque Bassoon Home Page
Focuses on getting started playing the Baroque bassoon with information on purchasing instruments, literature, recordings, and reeds.

The Baroque portion of this site has a page with links to useful Baroque bassoon sites; many are for instrument makers.

Baroque Bassoons
With lists of makers and courses for the Baroque bassoon and dulcian, this site is useful in getting started in early bassoon performance.

A Baroque oboe site run by Stephen Hammer with fingering charts, articles, repertoire, and more.


Albuquerque Baroque Double Reed Workshop
Amherst Early Music Festival
Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute
Madison Early Music Festival