International Competitions

The following are international competitions held outside of the U.S. for which oboists and bassoonists are eligible.  Consulting the original source in the original language is strongly recommended, particularly regarding age requirements.

AudiMozart! International Competition for the Performance of Mozart’s Concertos for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn
Eligibility:  Age limit of 30
Frequency:  Biennial, even years

The Barbirolli International Oboe Festival
AKA Isle of Wight International Oboe Competition
Eligibility: Age limit of 30
Frequency: next competition will be held in 2012

Beijing International Muisic Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit of 32 years, 35 for chamber ensembles
Frequency:  Annual, rotating categories.

Belgrade International Jeunesses Musicales Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit of 30 years; possibly older for ensembles
Frequency:  Annual, rotating categories.

Chieri International Competition
Eligibility: two categories, 20 and under, 30 and under
Frequency: annual with several wind instruments chosen each year. Also includes chamber music. Bassoon in 2010, Oboe is a category in 2011.

Concours international de musique de chambre de Lyon
Eligibility: Must be under 32 and average age of group 30 or less
Frequency: annual, rotating categories.

Concours National des Jeunes Bassonistes
Eligibility: Various categories under age 30, registered in a school of music
Frequency: annual

“Gheorghe Dima” International Music Competition
Eligibility:  under the age of 35
Frequency:  Competition is new, intention appears to be rotating categories

Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition
Eligibility:  no age limit
Frequency:  annual

IDRS Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox International Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit of 30
Frequency:  Annual, bassoon in even years, oboe in odd years.

International Competition for Musical Performers – Geneva
Eligibility:  Under 30 years of age
Frequency:  Annual until 2010, biennial afterwards. Two categories chosen for each competition.  Oboe was last chosen in 2010. Bassoon last chosen in 1995.

International Competition “Olimpo Musicale”
Eligibility:  young musicians, at least 17 years of age, competition is tiered
Frequency:  Triennial

International Double Reed Society Young Artist Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit 22
Frequency:  annual, alternates between oboe and bassoon

International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen
Eligibility:  Age limit, 30 years
Frequency: Annual, two instruments chosen each year. Next oboe: May 6-15, 2010. Bassoon was last chosen in 2006.

International Lyceum Club Competition
Eligibility:  Women up to age 30
Frequency:  Triennial with categories rotating between piano, voice, and strings and wind instruments.

International Music Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest
age category A ( up to 10 )
age category B ( up to 14 )
age category C ( up to 18 )
age category D ( up to 30 )
Frequency:  annual, categories rotate, double reeds yet to be selected

International Music Competition of the ARD
Eligibility:  Ages 17-30
Frequency:  Rotating categories, oboe in 2011

International Music Prize for Excellence in Performance
awarded by the National Academy of Music
Eligibility: Five levels, no age or nationality restrictions
Frequency: Annual

The International Oboe Competiton of Karuizawa, Japan
formerly The International Oboe Competition of Tokyo
Eligibility:  Ages 18-30
Frequency:  Triennial, next in 2012

International Web Concert Hall Competition
Eligibility:  No restrictions
Frequency:  Annual

Japan Wind and Percussion Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit of 30
Frequency:  Annual, rotating categories on 3-year cycle

Meg Quigley International Bassoon Competition
Eligibility:  Females, age limit of 24, citizen of the Americas, enrolled in school
Frequency:  Biennial, odd years

Paris / Ville d’Avray International Competition
Eligibility: no age limit
Frequency:  rotating categories. Bassoon in 2009.

Prague Spring International Music Competition
Eligibility:  Age limit, 30 years
Frequency:  Instruments chosen each year.  Bassoon in 2009, oboe in 2008.

Premio Bonporti in Rovereto (early music)
Eligibility:  Age limit of 37
Frequency:  Annual, rotating category, Baroque oboe was chosen in 1998

Young Concert Artists International Auditions
Eligibility:  Ages 16-26
Frequency: Annual