Other Double Reed Societies

International Double Reed Society
This is the web site of the international organization of double reed players.  This page is complex and includes international calendar events, publication information, and much more.

Asian Double Reed Association
A new association in 2011, the society’s site has a full service English version. They host a competition and a conference.

Association Française du Hautbois
This site contains historical information on the oboe, lists of who the oboists are in French orchestras and elsewhere in France, literature, job postings, and more.  It is well worth translating the French.

L’Association bassons
This site does not appear to be as extensive as the French oboe site, but it does have information on upcoming bassoon competitions and performance venues in France. It also has some historical information on the bassoon and features a forum.

Australasian Double Reed Society
The Australasian Double Reed Society site includes concert and job announcements, concert reviews, and articles.

British Double Reed Society
The British Double Reed Society web site includes information about the BDRS, how to join, calendar items, its publication list, and a link page.

FagotClub Nederland (Netherlands Bassoon Society)
This site has much information on the bassoon including pages on technique and the CVs of amateur players.

Finnish Double Reed Society
Most of this page is in Finnish, but there is a nice summary, in English, of the society’s activities at the link above.

Fou de Basson
A group established to promote the bassoon in France, this French web site contains a large number of resources on the bassoon.

Gesellschaft der Freunde der Wiener Oboe
A page for enthusiasts of the Viennese oboe. Their plans as a society are detailed on theEnglish-language page, which welcomes international visitors and encourages participation in their forum. The majority of the site is, of course, in German.

International Double Reed Society – Deutschland e. V.
The web site for this society is currently unavailable.

Japan Bassoon Society
Very little of this site is in English, but there appears to be an informative concert schedule and many links.

Minnesota Bassoon Association
Based in Minneapolis, MN, this association brings artists to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.

Midsouth Double Reed Society
Active in the late 1990s, this organization is currently reviving.

South African Double Reed Society
This also appears to be an emerging organization with ties to the South African National Youth Orchestra.