Related websites

There are dozens of oboe and bassoon pages on the web.  These are some of the more informative ones.


International Double Reed Society
More information is available if you join, but even as a non-member the information is extensive and thorough.

Oboe Insight
Though the home page appears to be simply a blog and fun links, perusing the menu leads to a wide variety of valuable information for the oboe player.
A comprehensive site on the bassoon with information on reed adjusting, recordings, drawings, midi files, and links.
A comprehensive site on the bassoon containing orchestra and band sites, links to players and teachers, jobs, Baroque bassoon, books and articles.
This site contains examples of the bassoon tone, detailed information on reed making and fingerings plus much more.

Oboes for Idgets
The information on troubleshooting is handy for students who cannot reach a teacher or for band directors looking for more information. The glossary section is also useful, particularly if you are trying to buy an instrument.

Arizona State University Oboe Page
This site has well-rounded information on oboe and English horn playing.

Barrick Stees, Bassoon
As a resource, the highlights of this page the “reed making” and “for students” sections. There is also information on his live performances and recordings.

Frank Morelli, Bassoon
The cyber masterclass on this page is where pedagogical information is posted. There is also information on his performances and recordings.

John Schroder’s Bassoon Home Page
On this page, the “My Way” and “Fingerings” links will be of the most interest to bassoonists.

Jennifer Paull, Amoris International
This is the web page for those interested in the oboe d’amore.

Heckel Bassoon, Heckel Contrabassoon, Heckel CREST Bassoon and Heckelphone Serial Numbers

The Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion
By Terry Ewell

Bassoon Bonanza
The 2014 Bassoon Bonanza! is a five-day workshop for bassoonists of junior high and high school level, in addition to interested adult players. Resident artists will be Richard Ramey and Susie Brown, the bassoon section of the Tulsa Symphony, Tulsa Ballet, and Tulsa Opera.  The workshop features daily reedmaking sessions, coaching of All-Region/All-State audition music, a massed bassoon ensemble, and masterclasses on the topics of better technique, audition strategies, beginner improvisation, instrument maintenance, improving intonation, opportunities for the musician in the 2010s, contrabassoon, and more!


A Guide to Commissioning Music
This is an outline overview of commissioning.

Meet the Composer
This organization works with the NEA to provide financial support to organizations wishing to commission new works.


Lars Kirmser’s Music Trader
A place to buy and sell instruments as well as a directory of music industry sites.

Clarion Associates, Inc. Musical Instrument Insurance

Classical Net
Contains over 8500 links relating to the Classical music world.

Classic Web
Contains links by category including job listings.

National Public Radio
On this site, you can find information on local station schedules and radio shows, and see press releases on music, arts, and culture.

National Endowment for the Arts
On this site is information about grants, professional development, organizations, and publications.  Some links are useful for professional artists; other links are for music supporters.

Music Education Online
Academic job postings reside here as well as information on music advocacy, links, grants, and other resources.

Advertises orchestral vacancies from over 120 orchestras in addition to information on other topics such as management and conservatories.

MIDI for Kids
An after school program providing schools with keyboard labs that are equipped to accompany music students.

Children’s Music Resources
This page is part of a commercial site,, that contains links helpful to music educators.
This site is sponsored by the Eastman School of Music. It includes profiles of orchestras, interviews on streaming video, forums, articles, and more

Texas School Music Project
TSMP is a music education web site providing teaching tips and tools of the trade for music educators of all levels.  TSMP is a service provided by the faculty of the Department of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University.  You may link directly to the Bassoonsection and the Oboe section.
This site has numerous articles on typical physical problems for musicians and strategies for avoiding them. The site is sponsored by an individual chiropractor.

The Mozart Effect
This site gives an overview of the research surrounding the Mozart Effect and links to other sites on the topic.

Alexander Technique Center

The Complete Guide to Alexander Technique

Alexander Directory: The Global Directory on Alexander Technique
A resource for finding instructors throughout the world.

The Performing Arts Medicine Association