Research Tools

If you are a beginner in music research, a good place to start is the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians or Oxford Music Onlinethe online version of this resource.  The entries provide accurate overviews of topics, and the extensive bibliographies for each entry serve as a gateway to other resources.  Another integral music research tool is The Music Index, an index of music periodicals since 1949 that is now available online through EBSCO Publishing.  The online versions of both these resources are by subscription and are available at most academic libraries.

When researching, bear in mind the general rule that books are the most reliable source of information due to a long editing process.  Print articles, with a less lengthy editing process, follow books in accuracy, and online web pages are considered the least reliable source of information since there is no screening of the content.  Therefore, it is important to visit a library to verify online sources and expand upon what they have to offer.  However, these sources rank in the reverse in providing the newest information, so books alone may not provide you with the most recent scholarship.


When browsing through the library the following call numbers are useful to know.

M  = scores
ML = Music Literature
MT = Music Theory

M 65-69 = oboe scores
M 75-79 = bassoon scores
M 500-586 = quintets
M 1042 = concertos

ML 128 = catalogs of works
ML 410 = biographies (arranged in order alphabetically by last name)

MT 360-379 = oboe instruction and study
MT 400-415 = bassoon instruction and study

For a complete list of music call numbers, see The University of Michigan Music Library site.


Bibliography of Bassoon Theses and Dissertations Brought to us by the IDRS.

The Haynes Catalog
A bibliography of music written for the oboe up to c.1800. The works listed are concerti, other solo works, and chamber pieces up to eight players.   Users are able to submit comments that improve the accuracy of the database.

Google Book Search
This site allows you to search the text of an increasing number of books whose contents have been scanned.  Great for academic research in that it leads you to sources you may not otherwise find.

Google Scholar
Here is a search engine connecting researchers to scholarly literature and the libraries holding the sources.

This site has many links for academic research including ones for museums and music journals.

Dram Online
This resource contains the contents of liner notes for Classical recordings including information on works and performers. Additionally, there is some streaming audio available for people at participating institutions.

William and Gayle Cook Music Library

Indiana University School of Music
Indiana University in Bloomington has a large music library with an Internet friendly web site.  The following links may be particularly useful.

A Bibliography of Writings about the Oboe and Bassoon, 17th-19th Centuries
This site is extensive and includes foreign language sources.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources
A guide to Internet resources in music

Research and Study
Introduces general music research sources.

Woodwind Research Guides
Lists resources for each of the woodwind instruments. Link to oboe and bassoon guides.